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Boat House Construction on Lake Gaston

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Boathouse - New Construction

If you are interested in having a complete boathouse or pier constructed, we team up with local, experienced contractors to get the job done. With our expertise in pile driving and their superb building techniques, we can create a boathouse that not only meets your needs, but stands out from other competitors. By doing this, we can offer a less expensive alternative without sacrificing any quality. We have custom designed and built a vast array of boathouses from simple piers to elaborate maximum 1250 square foot boathouses.

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There are many options to consider when planning a boathouse build. Hip, “A” frame, upper deck or split combinations are some of the popular roof designs. Double or single slips and decked-in slips are options as well. We can use our many years of experience to help guide you through these decisions.

All construction meets or exceeds building codes. Special attention is paid to small details such as uniform nail patterns, bolts centered on pilings and neat saw cuts. Lumber is hand selected to eliminate “barky” or rounded edges. Our goal is to construct a boathouse that you will not only enjoy but be proud to show to family and friends.

  • Boathouse with Partial Overhang for Sun Protection
    Partial Overhang for Sun Protection
  • Two Slip Boathouse with Storage Shed
    Two Slip Boathouse with Storage Shed
  • Boathouse with A-Frame Roof
    A-Frame Roof & Angled Storage Area
  • Three Slip Boathouse
    Commercial Three Slip Boathouse
  • Boathouse with Sundeck Over Storage
    Boathouse with Sundeck Over Storage
  • Two Slip Boathouse with Bar & Party Deck
    Two Slip Boathouse with Bar & Party Deck
  • Simple Boatdock and Boathouse
    Nice - Simple & Clean
  • Boathouse designed with L-Shape Roof
    L-Shape Roof Design for this Boathouse
  • Boathouse with Half Upper-Deck
    Boathouse with Half Upper-Deck
  • Custom Boathouse with Decked In Slip
    Custom Boathouse with Decked In Slip
  • Single Upper Decked Boathouse
    Single Upper Decked Boathouse

Boathouse, Pier or Dock Piling Removal

We work closely with Dominion Power, County Inspectors and Structural Engineers to handle all the permitting processes. We also attend regular meetings to stay on top of regulations regarding Shoreline Management.

Let our working combination prove to you that we are the BEST boathouse builders for your project. We have many satisfied customers and references available.

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