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Water Erosion Control on Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston Shoreline Erosion Control

Control with Rip-Rap or Bulkheads

We know how important it is to maintain your shoreline property at Lake Gaston to not only protect your real estate investment, but also to preserve your waterfront property for future generations. With increased boat traffic and fluctuating water levels, it is important that erosion control not be overlooked.

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Controlling Erosion with Rip Rap...

The process that we use to repair shorelines is a combination of sloping the existing waters edge to the correct angle, installing top quality erosion control fabric then placing and packing the rip rap rock. This process has been proven to work on Lake Gaston and continues to be our method of choice.

Controlling Erosion with Bulkheads

If you have an existing bulkhead that has aged and you are experiencing problems with leaning or soil washing out, we also place rip rap in front of bulkheads to eliminate this problem. By installing erosion control fabric on the water side of the wall and placing new rip rap, we can help protect your shoreline for many years.

  • Bulkhead Needing Repair
    Old Bulkhead Needing Repair
  • Bulkhead Repair Project
    Bulkhead Repair Project
  • New Backfilled Dirt
    New Backfilled Dirt
  • Filter Cloth Installation
    Filter Cloth Installation
  • Tie-Backs & Cables for Support
    New Tie-Backs & Cables for Support
  • Installing New Bulkhead Wall
    Installing New Bulkhead Wall
  • Finished Bulkhead Product
    Finished Product
  • Water Erosion Control Project
    Water Erosion Control Project
  • Shoreline Before Rip-Rap
    Shoreline Before Rip-Rap
  • Shoreline After Rip-Rap Installed
    Shoreline After Rip-Rap Installed
  • Shoreline Before Rip-Rap Installed
    Shoreline Before Rip-Rap Installed
  • Shoreline After Rip-Rap Installed
    Shoreline After Rip-Rap Installed
  • Rip-Rap in front of Bulkhead
    Rip-Rap in front of Bulkhead
  • Rip-Rap Stabilizing Bulkhead
    Rip-Rap Stabilizing Bulkhead

We do repairs to damaged bulkheads, but on a case by case basis. The extent of damage and what is required to correct the problem are factors in taking the job. We can asses your situation to decide on proceeding with the repair.

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