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Welcome to AA Pile Driving on Lake Gaston

Pile Driving, Erosion Control, Boathouse/Pier/Dock Construction

Our website was designed to provide you information about our pile driving business on Lake Gaston. We hope that when you need pile driving services, whether it be repairing or new construction for a dock, pier or boathouse, you will consider contacting AA Pile Driving. We have been in business since 1998 and take pride in our quality workmanship.

Our Company...

AA Pile Driving provides a wide range of services to Lake Gaston property owners as well as builders / contractors. We provide quality work, second to none, in most areas of marine construction including piers, docks boathouses, bulkheads, and rip rap.

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AA Pile Driving, LLC
1453 Warren Plains Rd.
Warrenton, NC 27589

PHONE: (252) 257-6712

E-MAIL: info@AAPileDriving.com

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Please take some time to review what our satisfied customers say about the service we provide. We take pride in our workmanship!

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Our Services...

Pile Driving Service on Lake Gaston

Pile Driving

The foundation of any dock, pier or boathouse structure is critical, and the most important part of constructing a solid quality product. Our custom designed pile driving barge was built to have the most accurate piling placement possible.

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Lake Gaston Erosion Control

Erosion Control

With increased boat traffic and fluctuating water levels, it is important that erosion control not be overlooked as it is important to not only protect your real estate investment, but also to preserve your waterfront property for future generations.

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Lake Gaston Boathouse Construction

Boathouse / Piers / Docks

We team up with local, experienced contractors for construction. With our expertise in pile driving and their superb building techniques, we can create a custom boathouse that not only meets your needs, but stands out from other competitors.

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