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Pile Driving Service on Lake Gaston

Pile Driving Service on Lake Gaston...

Pile Driving - New Construction

At AA Pile Driving we know that the foundation of any dock, pier or boathouse structure is critical, and the most important part of constructing a solid quality product. Our custom designed pile driving barge was built to have the most accurate piling placement possible. Combined with our years of experience and expert workmanship we are confident that our pile driving is second to none the best in the Lake Gaston area.

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PHONE: (252) 257-6712

E-MAIL: info@AAPileDriving.com

Some Lake Gaston property owners plan to construct their own boathouse, pier or dock, and are in need of just pile driving service. Not a problem - we will come out and build a piling foundation to meet your needs.

If you are a builder and are in need of pile driving service, we will gladly consider subcontracting with you.

Boathouse, Pier or Dock - Piling Repair

If the piling of your boathouse, pier or dock is in need of repair, then you have come to the right place. Give us a call (252-257-6712) and we will be glad to discuss your needs. At no obligation to you, we will analyze the situation and provide you a FREE estimate for the repair job.

  • Pile Driving Barge
    It All Starts with our Pile Driving Barge
  • Dewayne Endecott - Owner AA Pile Driving, LLC
    Owner / Operator Dewayne Endecott
  • Pile Driving Underway
    Pile Driving Project Underway
  • Pile Driving Complete
    Pile Driving Project Almost Complete
  • Adding Boat Slip
    Adding Boat Slip to Existing Pier
  • Boat Slip Addition
    Adding Boat Slip to Existing Pier
  • Vertical Pilings for Boat Dock Construction
    Vertical Pilings Perfectly Straight
  • Boat Slip Pilings for Dock
    Adding Boat Slip Pilings to Dock
  • Solid Boat Dock Construction
    High Quality Wood used for Solid Structure

Boathouse, Pier or Dock Piling Removal

Of course there is always the possibility that an old pier, dock or boathouse just doesn't meet standards and cannot be repaired - and instead must be removed prior to building new. AA Pile Driving also specializes in removal of old piling, and will be glad to assist you with all of your pile driving needs.

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